30 + Ramadan Recipes

two bowls of creamy chicken and veggie soup topped with kale and chopped carrots and lemon on the side

Ramadan Mubarak to all my fellow brothers and sisters. I wish you a blessed Holy month. I hope to make this time easier on you by offering what I do best; sharing easy and delicious recipes to make iftar easier on you through this time. This list has many recipes that will surely help you this Ramadan; it is some of my most popular meals all in one post for you to access whenever desired. I hope this will inspire you in the kitchen!

I have compiled the list to 30+ Ramadan recipes that I believe to be perfect for this time of year and are personally some of my favorites. To make it even easier to navigate, I split the recipes into categories that way you find just what you are looking for even faster.

In my E-cookbook, Soufrati, you will also find an array of authentic Middle Eastern recipes that may not be on this list such as lentil & freekeh soup or Fatoush salad for example. My digital book is only $10 and a % of sales will go to relief funds at the end of Ramadan. Click here to learn more about my ebook!

What is Ramadan?

Ramadan is the 9th month of the Islamic calendar where Muslims all over the world fast from dawn to sunset. Fasting in Islam involves abstaining from food, beverages, and smoking among other things. This annual observance is 1 of the 5 pillars of Islam. It is a month of reflection, charity, supplication, and a chance to build a closer connection with God. This period is viewed as a cleanse for the mind, body, and soul.



Soup is a form of nourishment; often stock, vegetables, and protein offer many nutrients vital to our bodies especially after fasting for several hours. When Muslims break their fast, first they enjoy a date as it is Sunnah and next they more than likely will have a cup of soup. This is easy for one to digest and coats the lining of their stomach for the food they are about to eat. Below are two delicious soup recipes. Make them in bulk to enjoy throughout the week. Lentil and freekeh soup for those interested are found in my ecookbook.

Creamy chicken & veggie soup
Creamy chicken & veggie soup

Lemon Chicken Rice Soup

Creamy chicken & Veggie Soup


Salads have always made for the perfect side because of several reasons. They are quite easy to put together, not time-consuming, nutritious, refreshing, and a great accompaniment to many dishes. There are so many salads out there but below are some of my favorites. They are tangy, simple, and concentrate on the beauty of the vegetables. If you are looking for a tabouleh and fattoush salad, feel free to check out my ebook.

Salatat Jarjeer (Arugula Salad)

Shepherd’s Salad

Refreshing Corn Salad

Main Entrees

Any of these can be the star of the table and a dish that the whole family looks forward to. You have anything from traditional Middle Eastern rice dishes to simple casseroles or stews. I broke them into subcategories for you so they are easier to find. Click on the dish that you want to learn more about to see the detailed recipe. Any of these would be a great addition to iftar!

Malfoof (Stuffed cabbage leaves)
Traditional Middle Eastern Rice Dishes







Fattet Jaj (Chicken Fatteh)


Moroccan Lamb Stew

Chicken Curry Stew with Vegetables

Shish Barak

Oven-Baked Meals

Sneeyet lahmeh (Oven-baked Beef)

Chicken & Veggie Casserole


Kebab 3 Ways- Kofta with tahini, Baked Kofta, Turkey kebab

Chicken Shawerma


Dessert is the perfect end to a meal or the cherry on top you can say! Satisfy that sweet tooth with that cup of tea or coffee you have been craving all day with one of these below. Most of these are Ramadan classics and easy to put together. Some are served cold making them the perfect make-ahead dessert. If you are looking for an atayef or maamoul recipe in detail that is found in my ebook.

Traditional Middle Eastern Desserts


Ghraybeh (Middle Eastern Shortbread)

Hilbeh (Fenugreek Cake)

Basbouseh (Semolina Cake) , Stuffed Basbouseh with Dates


Knafeh 3 ways- Knafeh with nuts, Knafeh , No Bake Knafeh cheesecake

No bake Desserts

Mango Coconut Mousse

Nescafe Cake

Sookseeyeh (Chocolate Lazy Cake)

Fruit Cocktail with Ashta

Rice Pudding


We all need that extra boost to get us through our fast and that is exactly what the purpose of suhoor is. Foods that are full of vitamins and are easy to make is key for suhoor. All the choices below can be made ahead of time and are healthy. Grab and enjoy it!

Smoothie Bowls

Chia Pudding & Overnight Oats

Smoothie Bowls with Granola

Chocolate Almond date Balls

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  1. I’m so lucky to have a resource of delicious recipes especially during Ramadan! I have remade some yu
    My desserts like mabroosh and Nescafé cake, banana chocolate bread. Fufu is so inspiring us to try things in the kitchen and made easy !

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