Apron Collection

Me rocking the Kuffiyeh tatreez blue apron from my collection

Hi, my friends! I present to you my apron collection in collaboration with Darzah designs! How exciting?! This has been a labor of love for over 6 months with the Darzah team. We really wanted to create pieces that were aesthetically beautiful but also durable. For months, we went back and forth on design, fabric, motifs, and so on. It has been such a wonderful learning experience creating my first ever merchandise. I am so happy to share this with you all! Purchase here. Use discount code: FKLAUNCH10 to save 10% off of our Pre-Sale launch!

Read Below to learn more about this collaboration!

Who is Darzah?

I am also very proud to say that Darzah is a non-profit organization whose work is 100% handmade by artisans in the West Bank. Their mission is to economically empower these women through fair wages and working conditions. This is a cause that I can most definitely stand behind and so happy to support with this apron collection. This also means a chunk of sales will always go to the women creating these pieces.

What is Tatreez?

Tatreez is the Palestinian form of cross-stitch embroidery. It is honestly a beautiful art form that is very expressive. The motifs I chose for my tatreez designs are the olive branch and kuffiyeh. These two symbols are very significant to Palestinians and many around the world. Both the olive branch and kuffiyeh are stitched by hand onto each apron produced. Truly making these aprons one of a kind.

What is our Mission?

This partnership seeks to give back to the community that has inspired the products and recipes created by myself and Darzah. Every profited dollar is invested back into empowering these women.

The Apron Collection

Details and more photos of all the aprons can be found here.

blue apron
Kuffiyeh Apron In Blue
Olive Branch Apron in Vanilla Cream
Children’s Kuffiyeh Apron in Blue

Where to purchase?

All the pieces from my collection are available for purchase below. Don’t forget to use code: FKLAUNCH10 for a 10% discount for Pre-Sales! Thank you in advance for your unconditional support!