• sahlab drink
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    This is the beverage my mom would for our family on cold winter nights! It gives you all the cozy feels and takes just a few minutes to make. Sahlab is a Middle Eastern milk pudding drink that is often adorned with cinnamon, nuts, and other fixings of your choice. It is creamy, lightly sweetened, and fills you with warmth. Whenever I make this drink, I can’t help but think of my family and this time of year. It is honestly the only time we enjoyed it since it is perfect for cooler months. What is awesome about sahlab is it can easily be vegan too. I have made it…

  • easy date shake
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    Date Shake

    Smoothies and shakes are an awesome healthy option for breakfast, snacks, dessert, or post-workout fuel. They are super popular because of how easy they are to put together and packed with so much flavor. This date shake is what dreams are made of. It is perfectly naturally sweetened from the dates and so creamy from the banana and nutty from the almond butter. All the flavors go so well together; it’s almost like a treat! You will be addicted to this drink; I promise. Not only is this date shake gluten free, dairy-free, and vegan but it is also a fantastic way to utilize dates in your pantry year round.…

  • banana almond butter smoothie
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    Banana Almond Butter Smoothie with Coconut Whipped Cream

    Do you have a favorite kind of smoothie? Well, I do and this is it! This banana almond butter smoothie is super tasty and the coconut whipped cream tops it all off. It’s the perfect treat without feeling guilty; I often make this when I am craving something on the sweeter creamier side. The ripe banana has a natural sweetness and the addition of honey also adds to that. It is also an awesome smoothie to start your day with! The chia seeds and flax seeds add fiber to your diet, and the natural sugars will give you a boost of energy for the day. Ingredients 1 frozen banana or…

  • berry peach smoothie

    Berry Peach Smoothie – Yummy & Easy!

    Hi my beautiful friends! Hope you are all having a wonderful day 🙂 Today I want to share with you this delicious Berry Peach Smoothie recipe that is sure to satisfy your taste palette. Many of us have a difficult time incorporating fruits and vegetables into our diet so smoothies are a great way to get all that nutrition without much hassle. I often have a smoothie as a substitute for a meal or a wonderful snack. This literally took me 5 minutes to make so its very convenient for our busy lives. Just pour in a mug or thermos and go! I had plenty of frozen peach and berry…

  • pumpkin smoothie

    Pumpkin Smoothie – All things Fall!

    Now that its Fall; my absolute favorite season of the year; I would like to introduce to you my version of a simple pumpkin smoothie. This smoothie recipe will make you feel warm inside 🙂 As soon as September hits; places automatically drop their latest pumpkin product whether it be a pumpkin latte at Dunkin Donuts or pumpkin scented candles at Bath & Body Works. Pumpkins are everywhere! Tiss’ the season my friends to embrace all things pumpkin. I’ve never been a huge fan of pumpkin flavored foods or beverages but I figured I would explore the flavor since so many people are. One thing I am excited about is…