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Chicken Shawarma Tacos

chicken shawarma tacos

One of my fondest memories traveling to Jordan was eating shawarma with my cousins at 1 am while watching a movie. It was our thing. In Jordan, restaurants and shops would literally stay open into the night for people to enjoy. I love the nightlife over there; never a dull moment.

The shawarma was unlike no other. Anyone who has tried it will tell you that but here in the states, we do our best to make shawarma as close as possible to what we know. Today, I made some chicken shawarma tacos using Wild Garden’s Marinade. I know, tacos are not traditional at all but this meal super delicious and reminiscent of what I was used to enjoying. Chicken shawarma sandwiches are always served with a tahini or garlic sauce and some fresh or pickled veggies and sometimes even potatoes. I hit all the marks with this taco in my own unique way.

Not only is this dish very simple to put together but the whole family will love it. I am positive. It is also healthy! If you want, you can make a chicken shawarma bowl out of all the components as another option. Enjoy this yummy recipe! I can’t wait to see you guys try it!

Servings: about 8 tacos

Total Time: approx. 30 min (excluding marinating time)

Chicken Ingredients

1 lb of chicken tenderloins cut into small cubes or strips

3 tbsp of Wild Garden Chicken Shawarma Marinade

2 tbsp of plain yogurt

Sprinkle of salt & pepper

2 tbsp of olive oil


Marinate the chicken in everything but the olive oil for at least a half-hour.

Cook the chicken in a skillet with 2 tbsp of olive oil. The chicken will need 3-4 minutes to cook on medium to high heat on each side.

Make sure the chicken is fully white with no pink center. Set aside.

Tahini Slaw Ingredients

1 cup of chopped red cabbage

2 tbsp of chopped cilantro

2 tbsp of tahini paste

1 tbsp of olive oil

1-2 tbsp of water

1 fresh lemon’s juice

Salt & pepper to taste

1 tbsp of yogurt


Mix together the liquids until creamy then add all the veggies.

Quick Pickle Onion Ingredients

1/4 of a red onion sliced very thinly

1-2 tbsp white vinegar

2 tbsp of olive oil

Sprinkle of dried oregano

Sprinkle of salt & pepper


Place all the ingredients together and let this sit for at least a half-hour.

Additional Ingredients

Thinly sliced cucumber

Garlic aioli or any garlic sauce

Corn tortillas or flour tortillas


Char a corn tortilla on the stove then top with the garlic sauce then the slaw and then the shawarma. Top with cucumbers with and the red onions. Enjoy!

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  1. you have great content and amazing pictures. It was nice reading your contents thanks for sharing this information.

  2. So great! Just wondering, I’m trying to boycott amazon, so do you have a recipe for your own shawarma marinate?

  3. As always, this recipe was so easy to follow. My family is adding this to our bi-weekly taco nights! The picked onions were amazing and added so much flavor. Honestly you could eat them like a salad. We tripled the recipe and nothing was leftover. Definitely recommend.

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