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For me, preserving my heritage is of utmost importance and I am beyond thrilled to announce the release of my first cookbook, Dine in Palestine which you can pre-order now at the links below. As a first-generation Palestinian American, documenting recipes of my childhood & upbringing means a lot to me. I am not just doing it for myself but for the generations to come to yearn for that connection as well. You see, food brings everyone together and that is especially the case in a Palestinian home. You will taste the love in every bite and a guest will never go home hungry. I love that. It speaks true to the generosity & humbleness that Palestinians have.

You can order my book from any corner of the world and enjoy a taste of Palestine in your home.

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What can you expect from my new cookbook?

An array of dishes from breakfast content to a vegetarian section to main dishes then of course sweet treats and beverages. It is truly a well-rounded book. Some recipes were passed down generations in my family, some were inspired by the flavors of Palestine, some are authentic meals that you would find dining in Palestine, and some are recipes I enjoyed growing up in a Palestinian household with influence from neighboring Middle Eastern countries. See more about this below.

Expect to feel my passion on every page. I started recipe developing for this book a week after I gave birth to our firstborn. I was terrified of the commitment I had just taken on with the responsibility of a baby but I really think it pushed me to do even better. I wanted to make my son proud. I was given this opportunity and couldn’t pass it up. It is something I have always wanted to do for myself. So, you will see the love I poured onto the pages through stories I share of what the recipes mean to me to photos of the amazing food and streets of Palestine.

What recipes can be expected in this book?

Dine in Palestine is comprised of 60 recipes I personally developed for my book. You can expect classic Palestinian dishes like Musakhan or Knafeh, and so much more. You will also find fun and creative recipes that I developed with Palestinian flavors in mind like my Pomegranate Molasses Brownies with Tahini or my Ashta Fruit Tarts. And then a handful of passed down recipes like my grandmother’s Sneeyet Lahmeh ma Khodra (Oven Baked Beef & Veggies or my aunt’s Awameh (Sweet Dumplings). And lastly, you will find a handful of recipes influenced by regions around Palestine that were a part of my childhood like Khaliat Al-Nahl (A Yemeni Honeycomb Bread) or Tabouleh (A Levantine Salad with Bulgur),

What were some inspirations for this book?

Simply my family and the people of Palestine. My mom taught me most of what I know today in the kitchen. It took years of observing her, facetime calls, and one on one practice to nail authentic Palestinian meals that have been enjoyed for decades in our family. My grandmothers and aunts too have taught me so much and the dishes they are known for are also in my book to pay respect to their teachings. The people of Palestine inspire me daily with their resilience and love for their land and all it has to offer. They are so humble and make the best out of what they are dealt with. They push me to do better and be better and use my platform to bring awareness to Palestine. It is one of the reasons I am most proud of this cookbook.

Lastly, It’s been an honor for me to write this cookbook and represent Palestine, a land that I love.

dine in palestine
Dine in Palestine