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Mango Coconut Mousse

mango coconut mousse

This 3-ingredient mousse is absolutely divine! The other day, I was scrolling through Instagram and saw that someone made mousse using coconut milk, which inspired me to make this dish! I cant believe its taken me so long to discover the wonders of coconut milk. It wasn’t till taking dairy out of my diet that I really fell in love with the ingredient. Also, mangoes are in season right now and they happen to be one of my favorite fruits too! I’ve had mango mousse several times in the past by family friends and I always loved how refreshing and light it was. This version is even lighter, lesser in calories, and takes 5 minutes to put together. This is definitely something I see making in Ramadan the day before in batches for gatherings. It is so good!


Servings: 4

Total Time: 15 min to prep, refrigerate overnight


1 can (13.6 oz) unsweetened full fat coconut milk, room temperature, recommend Thai Kitchen brand for best consistency

2 tbsp of honey (agave or syrup if vegan)

2-3 ripe mangoes peeled, cubed (must be ripe) Either 2 large or 3 smaller ones


  • Cut the flesh of the mango off the pit. Get as much as you can off. Transfer the mango pulp into a food processor from the mangoes. Pulse for at least 1 minute till mango flesh is pureed.
  • Empty out the can of coconut milk into a bowl. Add the mango pulp to that. Also, add the honey or agave. Mix this for a minute till everything is well incorporated. Place in desired serving bowls and cover with plastic wrap and let it set in the fridge overnight.
  • Enjoy the next day by itself or top with coconut flakes and/or candied walnuts!


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  1. Thank you for sharing this recipe. Quick question, when you say full fat coconut milk is that the whole can of milk or just the top fat/cream part?

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  3. Thank you for this recipe, I can’t wait to try it! However I did have a quick question, when you said a whole can of coconut milk, what size of can should I buy/use? Thank you!

    1. Np, and great question! The can size is 13.66 Fl Oz and I will update that in the recipe. Thank you. I highly recommend using the Thai Kitchen brand and make sure it is whole fat. This brand has worked best for me for this mousse. Hope this helps, have a great day!

      1. She does it again!! My husband was amazed at how good this was. He asked if he can have it again this weekend! And wants to try it with other fruits 🙂 So good!

  4. Salam again Heifa!
    I have a quick question too 😂
    If we don’t have mangoes available, could we just use the mango pulp from a can instead? If so, how many cups of that would you suggest?
    Ramadan kareem! X

    1. Salam!
      You know, I thought of that but haven’t tested but I don’t see why it wouldn’t work! Maybe the consistency will be a bit off but still tasty!

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