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Meghli (Karawyeh) – Spiced Rice Pudding

spiced rice pudding topped with pistachios and coconut

This is the kind of dessert that you either love or hate. I know many who adore it because of its warm spices; which makes it perfect for this time of year. Then there are others who can’t be bothered. It’s not a traditionally a very sweet dessert which I like about it. I dress it up with honey to add more sweetness to my liking. It’s naturally gluten & dairy free and vegan which is perfect for those with intolerances. Also, super easy to make with just minimal ingredients. It is often made after a new baby has been born as an offering to guests who come see the baby and mom. Give it a try and see if you like it!

Servings: 6-7

Total Time: 15-20 min



1 cup rice flour

1/3 cup white sugar

3 tbsp ground caraway

1/2 tbsp ground cinnamon

6 1/2 cups of water


Finely shredded coconut






  • In a pot, add all the ingredients but the water. Stir all the ingredients together. Add the water to it. Set stove to low-medium heat and stir the contents of the pot for a good 15 minutes slowly and constantly till it starts to thicken just like a pudding.
  • Then pour into the desired cups or bowls. Allow to cool a bit before garnishing.



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  1. Really easy to make . Felt 1/3 cup of sugar made it feel like no taste at all , I added more sugar . I dont know if its because 6 1/2 cups if water that made the color not rich gold brown like yours . But I did add more sugar . Thank you for shareing overall easy recipe.

    1. Hi! I mentioned in the intro to the recipe that my preference is desserts that aren’t that sweet and sugar can be adjusted to any preference! I am glad that is what you did 🙂

  2. I love that this recipe isnt as sweet as others I’ve seen. That means that you can really load up on the toppings, which is my favorite part.

    1. Yes, I typically make desserts that aren’t too sweet and for this one, I love playing around with the toppings!

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