• semolina cake with vermicelli

    Semolina Cake with Vermicelli

    Hi everyone! I am back with a dessert recipe for you! This is a semolina cake that is soaked in a milk mixture and topped with vermicelli. It is called basbooset sha3reeyeh in Arabic which literally translates to semolina cake with vermicelli. I have never heard of this dessert until my parents came to visit last week. My mom told me she made a dessert that my dad really enjoyed because it wasn’t too sweet and that she wanted to teach me how to make it. She knows that I too prefer desserts that aren’t too sweet. Of course, I was so excited to learn! While watching my mom prepare…

  • Farayek Za'atar
    Brunch,  Dairy Free,  Side Dishes,  Vegan

    Farayek Za’atar (Oregano Flatbread)

    If you were ever curious as to what recipe made me feel like I was back home; it would be this. Farayek Za’atar (Oregano Flatbread) has got to be one of my favorite things to eat when visiting my parents and even when visiting family overseas. The bread is just so soft yet crispy at the same time and filled with tons of oregano. Often, we paired it with homemade fresh Arabic cheese and a cup of mint tea. It is truly the best breakfast and snack. I sat down with my mom and made this with her. I am taking every opportunity I have with her visiting me to…

  • Turkish Chicken and Flatbread

    Turkish Chicken & Flatbread

    Hi everyone! Hope you are all well. I am so excited because I have my parents in town visiting me from New Jersey, my home state. Whenever my parents and I get together; it is always a great time. I missed them so much so you can only imagine how happy I am! Much of my cooking has been influenced by my mother who is a phenomenal cook. Anything she touches becomes gold. One of the dishes she has been making as of the last few years is this Turkish chicken and flatbread which my entire family enjoys. The flavors are inspired by Turkey where they use so many fresh…

  • pesto pasta salad
    Salads,  Side Dishes

    Pesto Pasta Salad

    I have made my share of homemade pesto this summer due to the abundance of fresh basil growing in our garden. Pesto is one of my favorite things to make with basil. It goes great with so many dishes like this pesto pasta salad. Not only that, but it is also fabulous on a sandwich, pizza, or even spoon on some fish or chicken. This pesto pasta salad came into fruition after wanted to create a dish that can be made ahead of time and can be eaten as a side to many meals. I noticed how much you guys have been enjoying my Bulgar salad which is also a…

  • Za'atar knots
    Appetizers,  Brunch,  Vegan

    Za’atar Knots

    Hey everyone! I hope you are all doing well and enjoying your summer. Today, I have wanted to share with you the recipe for this yummy treat for over a year now. And I must say that they are always a crowd-pleaser! Not only are these Za’atar knots visually appealing but the taste is just as good with only 3 ingredients being used! Wow, right? Za’atar has been truly a game-changer to anything it touches. In my youtube video below, I demonstrate how to make two different designs using the same method for these knots. This skillset can be utilized using dough in many ways and will surely elevate the…

  • zucchini lasagna roll ups
    Dinner,  Keto

    Zucchini Lasagna Roll-Ups

    Hey guys! I am starting a series based on the versatile and beloved squash as I have a bountiful of them growing in our garden this summer. I want to highlight how unique and flexible this vegetable truly is. Since it is mild in flavor on its own, it can be an awesome vehicle for so many different dishes. Not only is it healthy, low in calories, but also delicious and vibrant. The first recipe for this series is these absolutely delicious zucchini lasagna roll-ups. Lasagna without the calories and carbs of actual pasta but not lacking on any flavor. Sounds like a great idea, right? Trust me, this meal…

  • bulgar salad
    Dairy Free,  Salads,  Side Dishes,  Vegan

    Bulgar Salad

    Bulgar is one of my favorite grains to eat especially in the summertime because it goes so well with BBQ. My mom always made bulgar as opposed to rice with our kebabs and I truly prefer it! It is so good! This bulgar salad makes for a refreshing and really simple side dish to any meal really. It is packed with nutrients and loads of flavor. It is bright and leftovers taste even better because the flavors will have more time to mesh with one another. I often make this Bulgar Salad for meal prep since it lasts for a good week in the fridge covered in an airtight container.…

  • chicago style deep dish pizza

    Chicago Style Deep Dish Pizza

    I know what you are thinking. I was born in raised in Jersey just a few miles away from NYC where you can find some of the best pizza in the world! Now, let me tell you. On the East coast, we don’t mess around with deep dish pizza. It is thin crust all the way, Brooklyn style, or Sicilian. It wasn’t until I moved to Chicago 3 years ago that I had my first ever experience enjoying deep dish pizza. Chicago style deep dish pizza is known worldwide. It’s a pizza you can basically eat with a fork and knife from how stuffed it is with yummy goodness. I…

  • tahini date loaf

    Tahini Date Loaf

    Two ingredients you can almost always find in a Middle Eastern pantry are dates and tahini. They happen to go really well together too! Tahini has a nutty slightly bitter taste with a creamy consistency while dates offer natural sweetness and a chewy bite. Ths tahini date loaf really shines the best of both ingredients. I am known to like desserts that are mildly sweet; I prefer it that way and if you are like me and don’t have a major sweet tooth but want to enjoy a treat with a cup of tea or coffee then this tahini date loaf is for you. The cinnamon and nutmeg offer a…

  • scalloped potatoes

    Scalloped Potatoes

    This is the most delicious side dish you will ever enjoy. Cheese and potatoes are just meant for one another. These scalloped potatoes are AH-mazing and Oh, so easy if I might say. Comes together quickly; pop in the oven and let it do its thing while you do something else. This dish goes great with BBQ, Smoked meat, any steak or chicken dish really too. I especially love with my slow baked beef short ribs. This dish is pretty flexible; use the cheese available to you or in your fridge and any potatoes you have on hand other than sweet potatoes. What to expect with these scalloped potatoes? Expect…

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