• pumpkin bread

    The Best Pumpkin Bread

    Hey guys! It is officially Fall and I have the perfect recipe for you to celebrate! I present to you the best pumpkin bread that you will ever eat. It is so moist, the perfect amount of spice and pumpkin flavor, and easy to make. I literally cannot wait for you all to try it! Heck, I don’t even like pumpkin and I couldn’t stop eating this. What makes the best pumpkin bread? The texture– this is super important as no one wants to eat a dry loaf of anything. That gooey moist texture is key in fantastic pumpkin bread. This recipe has just the right amount of pumpkin puree…

  • Air fried chicken tenders with cauliflower mash

    Air Fried Chicken Tenders with Cauliflower mash

    Hi Everyone! I got a recipe for a delicious healthier meal that I am positive will make it to your weekly dinner rotation. These air fried chicken tenders with cauliflower mash are not only comforting and healthier but so good and easy. We are going to be using some amazing seasoning blends from Veggie Seasons to really elevate this dish as well! If you ask my husband what his favorite cheat meal is; it would be Culver’s Chicken tenders and yes they are so good but they are also fried which isn’t so good for you. I wanted to recreate a home-cooked meal based on this so he doesn’t have…

  • autumn pearl couscous salad
    Appetizers,  Salads,  Side Dishes,  Vegetarian

    Autumn Pearl Couscous Salad

    I have a thing for pearl couscous; I am honestly kind of obsessed with its taste, texture, and overall beauty. Truly looks like pearls that you can eat! This autumn pearl couscous salad is inspired by all these wonderful fall vibes Chicago is currently having. I included flavors reminiscent of Fall in this recipe too like butternut squash, dried cranberries, and pecans. This Autumn pearl couscous salad is the perfect side dish this time of year with almost anything. I am serving it with salmon tonight but it can go fantastic with steak, chicken, shrimp, or even on its own! I know how much you love my easy salad recipes…

  • Knafeh Na'ameh
    Dessert,  Ramadan

    Knafeh Na’ameh

    The ultimate Middle Eastern dessert is knafeh. There is no debate about it. Almost every region in the Middle East has its own variation of it. Knafeh has become so much more universal now where you can find it in frozen aisles of supermarkets but nothing is better than homemade. The quality is unmatched. How can I describe this dessert to you? Knafeh Na’ameh is delicately crunchy yet smooth with a layer of gooey sweet cheese and a drizzle of simple syrup. Nablus, Palestine is most known for its Knafeh Na’meh. Some of the best in the world can be found in the streets of Nablus. I am not even…

  • tomato beef saute

    Tomato Beef Saute

    I got a recipe for you that I promise will be on repeat in your household and guess what? This tomato beef saute only takes 20 minutes to make it onto that dinner table. Talk about a super easy, fast, and delicious meal! You have a protein, vegetables, and grain for a complete meal. It is so good that I am making it again today as both my husband and I love it. This tomato beef saute was brought to my attention by a fellow friend who suggested what to make with my excess tomatoes from my garden. So, she mentioned this super simple Syrian dish known as imnazaleh. This…

  • Easy Bruschetta
    Appetizers,  Vegetarian

    Classic Bruschetta

    First, let me say this classic bruschetta has now become my new favorite appetizer of all time. Maybe it is the seasonal fresh tomatoes from my garden paired with good quality olive oil on crispy bread that won me over. Or perhaps the whole combination dipped into a creamy burrata cheese that is just so heavenly. Whatever it is; I can’t get enough of it. This recipe I can eat every day and I am tempted to with all these fresh tomatoes growing in my backyard. Honestly, my Roma and cherry tomatoes are what inspired me to create this lovely classic bruschetta. Only a few simple ingredients and you can…

  • healthy chicken piccata

    Healthy Chicken Piccata

    I have always had a love for Italian food especially since I grew up in a predominantly Italian town. We had so much Italian food around us that it is easily one of my favorite cuisines to indulge in. Who doesn’t love pasta and pizza? Give me all the carbs! This healthy chicken piccata is my take on a classic Italian dish but without the added butter or wine. We are keeping it light and halal! And you know what? It is so good and doesn’t even feel like you are eating a healthier dish. What chicken cut is best for this healthy chicken piccata? The chicken typically used would…

  • Beef Kofta Kebab

    Beef Kofta Kebab

    This is the only recipe you need for an authentic and super tasty beef kofta kebab. An amazing grilled Kofta kebab is a summertime essential recipe in any Middle Eastern home. These beauties are typically made with ground beef along with minced parsley, garlic, and onions. These beef kofta kebabs are a crowd pleaser and go so well with side dishes like rice, fatoush, hummus, baba ghanouj, and so much more. I am sure we all have heard of kebabs. Kufta kebab however refers to ground meat kebabs so ground beef is specifically used for this recipe but there are recipes with ground lamb, ground chicken, or even ground turkey.…

  • musakkhan


    This is one of the National Dishes of Palestine, my homeland. Musakkhan typically consists of a few staple ingredients. That being fresh flatbread, olive oil, sumac, chicken, and onions. So now imagine the flatbread topped with lots of olive oil, sauteed onions, roasted chicken, and loads of sumac. It is delicious! Taboon bread is traditionally used for musakkhan but isn’t always readily available in the states. A thick flatbread will do the trick to take its place. Musakkhan celebrates the olive harvest which is so important to Palestinians and that is why so much olive oil is used in this dish whether it is to cook the onions or coat…

  • falafel sandwiches
    Brunch,  Vegan

    Falafel Sandwich

    A Falafel sandwich has got to be one of my favorite Middle Eastern vegan meals. So many wonderful flavors and textures go into this sandwich that all just work perfectly together. It is so delicious and filling too. You can’t go wrong with a falafel sandwich! Make this and you will see for yourself!! I have been meaning to develop a falafel recipe for quite some time now. It honestly wasn’t until my parents were in town and I found a package of dried chickpeas in the pantry that I said okay, it’s time. This recipe is highly requested so I am super excited for you guys to try it!…

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