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stuffed dates 5 ways
Snacks | Appetizers | Dessert

Stuffed Dates 5 ways

Dates are a fantastic naturally sweetened fruit! They are so versatile and can be enjoyed both sweet and savory with many applications. In this case, I stuffed dates 5 ways that will surely make for the perfect bite! These stuffed dates have made for such a healthy snack to keep on hand in our fridge…


cheese danish
Dessert | Brunch

Crescent Roll Cheese Danish

You need to try this shortcut version to the danishes you all love to buy at the local supermarket and bakeries! This crescent roll cheese danish is absolutely light, not too sweet, creamy with a hint of citrus. I was very pleased with how these came out and I couldn’t wait to share with you…





sahlab drink
Drinks | Dessert


This is the beverage my mom would for our family on cold winter nights! It gives you all the cozy feels and takes just a few minutes to make. Sahlab is a Middle Eastern milk pudding drink that is often adorned with cinnamon, nuts, and other fixings of your choice. It is creamy, lightly sweetened,…


chocolate mousse
Dessert | Gluten Free

Easy Chocolate Mousse

Okay, drop everything that you are doing and go get the ingredients for this super easy chocolate mousse. It is amazing! Anyone who has tried it while recipe testing will concur. Imagine a very creamy, chocolate forward, silky smooth mousse. It is light and not overly sweet; honestly it is perfection! Oh, and there is…


healthy egg salad
Brunch | 30 Minute Meals | Gluten Free | Keto

Healthy Egg Salad

Okay, would you believe if I literally said I randomly whipped up this healthy egg salad and fell in love? It is true. I’ve been brainstorming for days of Arabic inspired dishes and kept drawing a blank. Then, I was in the kitchen wanting to make some boiled eggs. I saw labneh sitting in my…

Middle Eastern


greek orzo salad
Salads | 30 Minute Meals | Side Dishes

Greek Orzo Salad

This is the salad that you would make ahead and enjoy for days to come as a side to different proteins or even as a stand alone meal! It is hearty, packed with Mediterranean flavors, and nutritious! I love this greek orzo salad for so many reasons! First, I am a sucker for anything with…

Side Dishes


za'atar cake
Brunch | Snacks

Zaatar Cake

My mom called me last week and told me she has been making this cake for the past few months and it has been a hit with the family and her friends. I didn’t know what to expect but let me tell you this is a fantastic recipe! It is darn good and so easy…


cabbage soup
Soups | Ramadan

Cabbage Soup

Let me start off by saying that this vegetarian cabbage soup is so delicious! I cannot believe I waited so long to make cabbage soup. What really motivated me was the extra boiled cabbage I had from making stuffed cabbage, malfoof. It worked perfectly for this hearty and flavorful soup. This is the most adaptable…

Vegan & Vegetarian