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Shakshuka – Middle Eastern egg & tomato dish

shakshuka closeup with black pepper

Some of you may recognize this authentic Middle Eastern breakfast dish; it’s called Shakshuka. It is actually my father’s personal favorite for Sunday brunch; a dish he grew up eating in Palestine. To be honest, I never understood how tomatoes and eggs could work together but let me tell you, they are a harmonious duo. This tomato and egg based dish is packed with flavor and is sure to wake your tastes buds up!

Total Time: 30 minutes

Serving size: 3-4 people


6 eggs

7 Roma ripe tomatoes (any ripe tomatoes would do but keep in mind roma are smaller than most tomatoes) or 28 oz. canned crushed or diced tomatoes

2 table spoons olive oil

1 medium yellow onion

1 medium sized bell pepper

1 tablespoon tomato paste

1 table spoon red pepper paste (My husband and I love spice-if you prefer sweet-substitute with 1 teaspoon sugar instead)

1 teaspoon cumin

Salt and pepper to taste

1  teaspoon red pepper flakes

a small handful of chopped parsley or cilantro for garnish

1-2 tablespoons heavy cream

1 table spoon garlic powder

1 clove garlic


  • Using a medium to large pan or skillet; pour the olive oil into the pan and add the finely chopped up bell pepper, onion, and garlic on medium heat. Let that simmer for 5-7 minutes till onions are translucent in color.
  • In the meantime, dice your ripe tomatoes and add to the pan. Let all those flavors simmer together for 2-3 minutes. Then you want to add your tomato paste, red pepper paste, heavy cream, and an array of spices to the pan; mix gently with everything else. Let this all cook together for about 5-7 minutes.
  • Once you see the tomatoes lose their shape and become one with the dish; as pictured then it’s time to add the eggs.
  • Take a spoon and make tiny pockets in the sauce and crack the egg in its place. I made 5 pockets around the edges of my skillet and one in the center. Salt and pepper the eggs. Put a lid on the mixture and cook the egg as you please. My husband and I like our yolk to be cooked through and not runny but many like the opposite.
  • Once the egg is cooked as you would like, turn the heat off and let the dish cool for 2-5 minutes. Then garnish with fresh parsley or cilantro; we prefer cilantro.

You can serve this with a side of pita bread or eat as is! I hope you enjoy this jam packed flavorful brunch dish!

shakshuka closeup

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  1. This is just delicious! Fresh tomatoes are so key in this dish. I add some sugar instead of red pepper paste, it just really rounds out the flavor, Great recipe!

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