• no bake lotus cake

    No-Bake Lotus Cake

    Hey friends! Happy Monday! I received so much love over this cake after demonstrating how to make it yesterday on my Instagram page. I knew I had to write the recipe right away because many of you are eager to make it, which makes me so happy! If you know me, you know I love making desserts for friends and family especially no-bake desserts. They are easy and oh so delicious! My Nescafe cake was such a big hit with you guys that I wanted to share another dessert very similar but this time with Lotus Cookie Butter which seems to be the craze lately. I understand why. It is…

  • vegan cake

    Vegan Vanilla Cake with Lemon Glaze Icing

    Hello everyone! Hope you are all doing great 🙂 Today, I will be sharing with you this delicious vegan vanilla cake recipe. I will be honest; I never completely understood what vegan meant till a family member who was vegan explained it to me. Now, I am not vegan but totally respect those who are. I can’t imagine my diet without meat! Still, I have been wanting to create vegan friendly options and this cake tastes just as good if not better than your average vanilla cake. I have got to say, the lemon glaze icing takes it to a whole other level of flavor. Let’s get started! Serving: 8…

  • lemon coconut muffins

    Lemon Muffins with Toasted Coconut – Refreshingly Sweet!

    Lemons are literally an amazing fruit; you can use them in so many ways. Here, they will be used to add a subtle fresh tang to your often sweet dessert. The acidity in lemons will counter the sweet you often taste in most desserts. This recipe is light, refreshing and above all: EASY! The only sweet part would be the glaze which you can omit if you wish to do so but it definitely elevates the taste of the muffin 🙂 Total Time: 30 min Serving size: Approx. 15 Ingredients 1 Box of French Vanilla cake mix *Yes, I’m using cake mix-so much easier and does the job! Therefore you…

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