• vegan brownies
    Dessert,  Ramadan,  Vegan

    Date Brownies

    Hi everyone! Hope you had a wonderful Thanksgiving filled with delicious food and laughter! My husband and I had a great time with our family. We had traditional Thanksgiving food with a Middle Eastern twist. Also, I heard exciting news! Two of my recipes have been published! Check them out on my Facebook page Fufuinthekitchen! 🙂 These no bake vegan brownies are just as decadent as the fudge chocolate brownies that we usually eat. I actually enjoyed them more! Lately, I have been experimenting with dates. I have always enjoyed eating them; they not only have a great texture and rich flavor without being overly sweet. Believe it or not;…

  • spinach pizza
    Dinner,  Vegan

    Vegan Spinach Pizza on Garlic & Herb Crust

    Hi everyone! It is Friday!!! SO, I LOVE pizza! I wish I could have it pretty much everyday but my body wouldn’t be too happy about that. This recipe is an easy way to make delicious pizza in minimal amount of time. You would be surprised the decadence you can accomplish in less than an hours time. I promise you once you try this; you will be going back for more. I have always loved experimenting with flavor combinations and I have always enjoyed leafy greens on my pizza whether arugula or spinach. I happened to have spinach at home so spinach it was! Instead of using your typical shredded…

  • chimichurri potatoes
    Side Dishes,  Vegan

    Chimichurri Garlic & Herb Oven Baked Potatoes

    Hi Everybody!!! I am so excited to share this tasty side dish with you that also happens to be Vegan 🙂 These chimichurri garlic & herb oven baked potatoes are sooooooo delicious. I could not stop eating them! I promise if you love garlic as much as I do then you won’t able to put them down either. Not only are they extremely flavorful, but also very easy to make. I have loved chimichurri for years now ever since I tried Peruvian food. It stole my heart. Can’t wait for you all to try this! Hope you love it as much as I do 🙂 Servings: 4 people Total Time:…

  • roasted butternut squash

    Roasted Butternut Squash – Super Easy & Super Flavorful

    Happy Monday My lovely friends! I have NEVER had butternut squash till this Fall season. Can you believe that? My god, I have been missing out. It is now my favorite vegetable to eat, hands down! I mean, I would see it in the grocery store and think that doesn’t look like the average squash I am used to eating and then wouldn’t bother. This year, I wanted to try new things and I am very happy that I did. You know a vegetable tastes amazing when all you have to do is drizzle olive oil, salt, and pepper and it would taste fantastic. This roasted butternut squash is super…