• poke bowl
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    Homemade Poke Bowls

    The first time I had this, my hubby and I were visiting California and we were guided to a local poke shop to try. I was excited to try it to be honest because I love sushi! For those who don’t know, poke bowls are the Hawaiian version of deconstructed sushi. They are super simple to make at home too. I personally don’t like tuna so I opted for cooked shrimp but my husband loves tuna! Do what you want just make sure the quality of the raw fish is the best you can get. (Sushi quality) Servings: 3 Total time: approx. 20 min Poke Bowl Ingredients 12 oz. Wild…

  • herb crusted salmon
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    Herb Crusted Salmon

    Hi Everyone!! How you all doing? Lately, I have been inspired by the food I ate in California. Lots of fresh ingredients used to make scrumptious food. I also want to make eating dinner with my husband more of an experience rather than lets eat and get on with the day. So, for dinner the other day I made a meal centered around salmon. We absolutely love salmon and its important to incorporate any fish into your diet; they are high in omega fatty acids which is good for the heart. Usually, I like to marinate my salmon with Asian flavors but this time I did something different. I created…