• chocolate cups
    Dessert,  Snacks

    Stuffed Chocolate Cups

    These delicious treats are super adaptable meaning you can mix and match endless flavors to your liking. All you really need is chocolate and one type of filling. That is all! How easy is that? Oh, and it only takes 5 minutes to make and about 30 min to an hour to freeze. These beauties look like Reese’s but these don’t have any refined sugar! You won’t believe that something this good isn’t bad for you! It tastes like it would be, trust me. What is extra awesome about these is they can be made ahead of time and ready to whip out for any sweet craving. Servings: about 20…

  • quinoa salad
    Side Dishes

    Quinoa Salad with Lemon Honey Vinaigrette

    I love quinoa and I love salads; so why not combine the two with a tasty vinaigrette? How many of you have heard of quinoa but never gave it a fair shot? Quinoa is an amazing wheat free alternative to starchy grains. Wheat free makes it gluten free as well which is another bonus! Lots of people assume that most things that are healthy doesn’t taste good but that is not true at all! For those who don’t know what quinoa tastes like; it has a subtle nutty flavor. Quinoa also picks up flavor very well which you will see once you make this dish! This quinoa salad will be…

  • vegan brownies
    Dessert,  Ramadan,  Vegan

    Date Brownies

    Hi everyone! Hope you had a wonderful Thanksgiving filled with delicious food and laughter! My husband and I had a great time with our family. We had traditional Thanksgiving food with a Middle Eastern twist. Also, I heard exciting news! Two of my recipes have been published! Check them out on my Facebook page Fufuinthekitchen! 🙂 These no bake vegan brownies are just as decadent as the fudge chocolate brownies that we usually eat. I actually enjoyed them more! Lately, I have been experimenting with dates. I have always enjoyed eating them; they not only have a great texture and rich flavor without being overly sweet. Believe it or not;…

  • labneh with pita
    Appetizers,  Brunch,  Side Dishes

    Walnut Yogurt Dip with Sesame Pita Chips

    Yogurt is found in almost every Middle Eastern household. It is also on almost every Middle Eastern brunch table as well. This variation of labneh (strained yogurt) is one of my favorite ways to eat it. There is texture from the nuts, creaminess from the yogurt, and immense flavor from the herbs & spices. It is also very easy to whip up making it perfect for a quick appetizer or brunch side dish! Often, pita bread is accompanied with labneh or hummus or baba ghanouj. That is the typical Arabic brunch. Sesame Pita chips is a tasty twist on the basic pita bread; which also takes little effort and time…

  • hummus
    Appetizers,  Ramadan

    Hummus – Middle Eastern Style!

    I have been eating hummus my entire life; literally for as long as I can remember. Hummus is a chick pea based dish that is sure to win you over. Sunday brunches in my Middle Eastern family were equipped with plates of hummus. Not only is it extremely yummy and healthy but super easy to make. You won’t be buying it anymore after you see this recipe; homemade is always better folks! Hummus primarily functions as a dip with pita or vegetables such as carrots; which I discovered several years back on a plane traveling to Spain. I was served hummus with carrots and thought, Wow this really does work…