• Layali Lubnan
    Dessert,  Ramadan

    Layali Lubnan (Semolina Pudding)

    If you love an easy dessert that requires minimal prep time and no baking then this is for you! Layali Lubnan is a semolina pudding that translates to Lebanese nights. It is very popular in Lebanon hence the name but also throughout the Middle East. There are two main layers to Layali Lubnan. The first is the semolina pudding which is then topped with a layer of ashta (clotted cream). This dessert is then topped with an abundance of chopped pistachios for needed crunch and color. Lastly, once completely chilled and ready to be served; it is doused in simple syrup which is where the sweetness comes from in this…

  • stuffed dates 5 ways
    Appetizers,  Dessert,  Snacks

    Stuffed Dates 5 ways

    Dates are a fantastic naturally sweetened fruit! They are so versatile and can be enjoyed both sweet and savory with many applications. In this case, I stuffed dates 5 ways that will surely make for the perfect bite! These stuffed dates have made for such a healthy snack to keep on hand in our fridge especially post-workout! These are also visually appealing and fun to make for guests, especially during Ramadan where dates are consumed daily for an extra source of energy. Dates come in all kinds of varieties like Ajwa, Sukkari, Deglet Noor, and Medjool which happens to be my favorite. For most of my date recipes. I use…

  • closeup of cake
    Dessert,  Ramadan

    Sticky Date Pudding

    This sticky date pudding is what dreams are made of! It is so moist and full of date flavor. The cake is subtly sweet despite being drizzled with a silky smooth butterscotch sauce. The cake itself has minimal sugar and is sweetened mainly from the date’s natural sweetness. The homemade butterscotch sauce gives it a luscious and extra moist texture while the nuts offer a needed crunch. When I think dates, I automatically think of Ramadan and with it upon us; this is the perfect cake for the occasion. Imagine this as the center piece dessert that I promise everyone will enjoy. Serve with the homemade butterscotch sauce and some…

  • dawood basha
    Dinner,  Ramadan

    Dawood Basha

    I am sure we all grew up with a variation of meatballs served for dinner. Meatballs seem to me in almost every culture in some shape or form. The one I enjoyed goes by the name, dawood basha. These Middle Eastern-flavored meatballs braised in a tomato sauce are so delicious with rice for a complete meal. I personally love adding potatoes to the dish to make it even heartier. In actuality, Dawood Basha is basically kofta kebabs shaped into meatballs. What makes this extra special is that tangy tomato sauce is cooked in with the pomegranate molasses. That truly elevates the dish! These meatballs require no eggs or breadcrumbs or…

  • spanakopita inside
    Appetizers,  Ramadan,  Side Dishes


    Let me tell you a story about how I discovered this delicious Greek spinach and cheese phyllo pie. Spanakopita has been a dish I have enjoyed since my pre-teens and I didn’t even know it! It wasn’t until my adult years where I frequented Greek restaurants that I realized this spinach and cheese phyllo pie that I have enjoyed for so long was actually called Spanakopita. You see, my mother’s friend Aunt Manal who is of Egyptian descent would make this all the time and bring them to family gatherings growing up. In Egypt, they have a dish called Goulash which is a ground beef phyllo pie. Instead of meat,…

  • greek orzo salad
    Salads,  Side Dishes

    Greek Orzo Salad

    This is the salad that you would make ahead and enjoy for days to come as a side to different proteins or even as a stand alone meal! It is hearty, packed with Mediterranean flavors, and nutritious! I love this greek orzo salad for so many reasons! First, I am a sucker for anything with feta cheese. Cheese is life! Secondly, I love fresh produce in my meals and this cold pasta salad incorporates that so effortlessly. Lastly, it is just so darn good and easy to make! This Greek Orzo salad is always a crowd pleaser and is especially fantastic for the warmer days ahead. I often would make…

  • almond semolina cake
    Dessert,  Ramadan

    Almond Cake

    I was visiting my family in New Jersey several months ago when my aunt served me a slice of almond cake. Now, I love my aunt’s cooking and baking; and she had never served me this dessert before! So, I was intrigued to try and let me tell you; it is delicious! This almond cake recipe is actually addicting and I don’t even like cake! If I do eat cake, it has to be light, moist, and not overly sweet which this cake recipe hits all those notes. I did tweak the recipe by cutting down the sweetness but this is purely inspired by my aunt’s cake. Potential of this…

  • cheese danish
    Brunch,  Dessert

    Crescent Roll Cheese Danish

    You need to try this shortcut version to the danishes you all love to buy at the local supermarket and bakeries! This crescent roll cheese danish is absolutely light, not too sweet, creamy with a hint of citrus. I was very pleased with how these came out and I couldn’t wait to share with you as I know how much you guys love an easy sweet treat! The touch of jam on top really takes it over the top with flavor. You can use any jam that you prefer for this cheese danish; I went ahead with fig! Crescent rolls really come in handy when in a pinch. It is…

  • chicken penne pasta

    Chicken Penne Pasta

    This chicken penne pasta is everything you would ever want in a pasta dish. It is creamy, packed with flavor, has the best of both worlds with a white and red sauce, and that tender chicken; just wow! With Valentine’s day right around the corner, I wanted to make an easy pasta recipe that can be enjoyed for all the quarantine dinners that will be happening this year. Now, what better than a pink sauce chicken penne pasta to go right with the theme. Plus, who doesn’t love an indulgent meal that will leave you so satisfied at any time in the week! It honestly takes just a little prep…

  • chocolate mousse
    Dessert,  Gluten Free

    Easy Chocolate Mousse

    Okay, drop everything that you are doing and go get the ingredients for this super easy chocolate mousse. It is amazing! Anyone who has tried it while recipe testing will concur. Imagine a very creamy, chocolate forward, silky smooth mousse. It is light and not overly sweet; honestly it is perfection! Oh, and there is no baking required! So, this no bake dessert is perfect for those who shy away from the oven. It is fairly simple to make too, just need to follow a few technical steps carefully and you will achieve chocolate perfection. I promise this easy dessert will be a winner in your household amongst your family…