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    Blackened Salmon Tacos

    First time I ever had Fish tacos was at this really cool tiny spot in Huntington Beach, California. It was so good!!!! Sadly, since that day I haven’t had any good fish tacos and really gave up hope when ordering them. For Taco Tuesday, I decided to recreate a fish taco using my favorite hearty fish with all the perfect garnishes. The salsa adds great acidity and an extra layer of flavor. The chimichurri mayo brings in that creaminess and garlic. All these flavors blend really well together. You can use your fish of choice for this taco if you aren’t a fan of salmon. It is recommended we eat seafood…

  • pasta primavera
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    Pasta Primavera

    I realized as I was looking through the archives of recipes on my blog that I barely had any pasta recipes if any. I couldn’t believe it! Pasta never really comes to our minds when we think of healthy eating but this one is just right you guys. Pasta Primavera is loaded with roasted veggies and doesn’t have that white or red sauce which holds plenty of calories especially in sugar. Instead, you use wholesome ingredients like olive oil, garlic sauce and even the pasta cooking liquid. If you aren’t lactose intolerant or vegan, then the parmesan cheese will melt and add a nice creaminess too! This pasta is also very…

  • meat and veggies
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    Oven Baked Beef and Veggies (sneeyet lahmeh bil khodra)

    Hey friends! I have been so busy lately and with that comes less time to spend on cooking. This dish right here is perfect to just put in the oven and forget about it; giving you time to concentrate on other tasks. It’s full of vegetables and super hearty leaving you full just eating it on its own! For a full dinner meal, I would serve this with a side of rice unless on keto then eat it as is. This has been a pretty popular recipe since showing how to make it on my social media so I thought it was about time I shared the details! Make this…

  • turkey shawerma burgers
    Dairy Free,  Dinner,  Gluten Free,  Keto

    Turkey Shawerma Burgers

    Hi friends! Hope you all are well. I’ve been combating some stomach discomfort on and off for over a week now which explains why I haven’t been as active. The other day I was watching the food network and saw a chicken shawerma burger and thought, Wow that’s a great idea! So last night, I made these delicious turkey shawerma burgers inspired by what I saw on the Food Network. The patty is super flavorful and moist; it does not disappoint. The lemon tahini sauce adds a creamy freshness to top the burger off. Hubby and I did lettuce wraps instead of traditional buns for a healthier twist. By the way,…

  • chicken drumsticks
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    Oven Baked Drumsticks

    Hey everyone! Hope you are having a wonderful day. How many of us have a preference when it comes to chicken? Dark or light meat? Baked or fried? Mine has always been juicy oven baked chicken breast but I decided to try something different the other day. So for dinner over the weekend, I decided to switch things up by baking some delicious drumsticks instead of the routine chicken breast. Boy, these were full of flavor and extremely juicy! I seasoned them with both Asian and Middle Eastern flavors; the result was fantastic. The sumac and onions add that Arabic touch while the coconut aminos and minced garlic adds some…

  • turkey meatloaf
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    Turkey Meatloaf

    Hi everyone! Hope you are having a fabulous start to the weekend! Ever since I got married, I have been trying to like ground turkey. My family never prepared anything with ground turkey but my in laws prefer it over ground beef. I know that it is leaner and overall better for you so I gave it a try and wasn’t really loving it till I made this meatloaf. In this case, the ground turkey worked beautifully because it is lighter than ground beef. It was moist; not dense and took on the flavors of the seasonings and veggies so well. Did i mention that it is super simple to…

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