• pistachio nice cream
    Dairy Free,  Dessert,  Gluten Free,  Ramadan,  Vegan

    Pistachio Nice Cream

    You may be thinking what in the world is Nice Cream? Well, its basically ice cream made out of strictly ripe frozen bananas blended to silky perfection. Of course, the Middle Eastern in me chose pistachios as the flavor profile for this particular nice cream. Pistachios are used predominantly overseas. Booza Arabia (Arabic Icecream) is actually made out of smooth yet sticky vanilla based ice cream with loads of crushed pistachios. This is reminiscent of that but much healthier and easier to make. Ingredients 6 frozen ripe bananas peeled and sliced 1-2 tbsp rose water 1 tsp vanilla 1 tbsp honey or maple syrup 1/3 cup pistachio butter 2 tbsp…

  • chocolate nice cream
    Dessert,  Ramadan,  Vegan

    Chocolate Nice Cream

    Hey guys! I have been super busy lately prepping for Eid but I have an awesome, easy, and delicious recipe for you all today to satisfy that sweet tooth. Oh, not to mention its healthy! Have you guys ever heard of nice cream? Basically, its an “Ice Cream” using frozen bananas as the base. Just like ice cream though, it’s super tasty and very versatile. The version I will be sharing with you guys today is chocolate flavored. Who doesn’t love chocolate?! You need less than ten ingredients to make this and no more than 15 minutes to make. Servings: 4 Total Time: 15 minutes Ingredients 3 Cups of Frozen peeled Bananas…