• Dinner,  Gluten Free

    The Ultimate Steak Taco

    I have had my share of tacos especially lately and I have got to say; steak is one of my favorites but only if the steak is cooked properly. Sometimes, its chewy or over cooked or even lacking flavor. The steak in a steak taco is the most important component! It has to be spot on. It needs to be juicy, flavorful, tender, yet have a delicious crust and sear. This recipe allows for just that. Now, the toppings are almost as important because they really make the taco a taco! Its important to have various texture, so if the taco is a soft tortilla then you want to add…

  • steak stir fry
    Dinner,  Gluten Free

    Steak Stir Fry

    Lately, Stir fry meals have been my go to quick dinner. Things have been hectic and dinner still has to make the table. I’m sure many can relate to this. Well, like you guys know; I love to implement vegetables in all my meals so a quick easy dinner is no exemption. In my stir fry, I implement 6 different types of veggies that work remarkably well together. I’ve made this twice this week and it has been a favorite! The first time, I topped it with shrimp and this time with skirt steak. It just shows you how versatile stir fry can really be. It works really well with…

  • skirt steak
    Dinner,  Keto

    Skirt Steak with Chimichurri sauce

    Who else loves a delicious steak dinner? My husband and I absolutely love it! I’m also a sauce and dip feen. I love to pair almost all my food with some sort of sauce. This chimichurri works beautifully with the skirt steak. The cilantro and garlic give off such amazing flavor; they make the perfect duo. This dinner takes less than 30 minutes to make which is a definite bonus. I first had skirt steak and chimichurri at a Cuban restaurant and was hooked! I couldn’t wait to recreate it and share the recipe with you all to enjoy in your own home as well. This dinner is perfect for…