• chocolate mousse
    Dessert,  Gluten Free

    Easy Chocolate Mousse

    Okay, drop everything that you are doing and go get the ingredients for this super easy chocolate mousse. It is amazing! Anyone who has tried it while recipe testing will concur. Imagine a very creamy, chocolate forward, silky smooth mousse. It is light and not overly sweet; honestly it is perfection! Oh, and there is no baking required! So, this no bake dessert is perfect for those who shy away from the oven. It is fairly simple to make too, just need to follow a few technical steps carefully and you will achieve chocolate perfection. I promise this easy dessert will be a winner in your household amongst your family…

  • Panna Cotta
    Dessert,  Gluten Free

    Panna Cotta with Berry sauce

    Where it all Started: I worked in an Italian bakery for 10 years where my true passion for desserts blossomed. Although, we didn’t serve panna cotta; I have always wanted to try it myself. Panna cotta is a delectable Italian custard-like dessert that comes together in just a few minutes. It is served chilled and often with a berry or chocolate sauce. Hearthy Foods Halal Gelatin: To make panna cotta with berry sauce, gelatin is required and it wasn’t until recently that I came across Halal certified unflavored gelatin by Hearthy foods. I was elated, to say the least, to try the Gelatin and I have come to love it.…

  • macarons

    French Macaron with lemon cream filling

    Let me start out by saying that these were so much fun to make because not only did I get to bake but I also got to paint! These are two of my most favorite things to do. Macarons have been the craze for a while now and it doesn’t seem like it is dying anytime soon. It’s funny because I think I have only tried macarons once in my life till I made this recipe for you all. I would like to think that it tastes and looks pretty darn good. Many are hesitant to attempt making macaron shells because of how delicate and easy it is to simply…