• mint lemonade

    Mint Lemonade (Refreshingly Tasty)

    Hi everyone!! I’ve been wanting to make mint lemonade for a month now but my mint plant did not grow till recently. Yay! My dad also handed me some fresh mint with its roots before leaving New Jersey which I did bring with me and placed it in a glass to use out of my kitchen. Now that I had all this mint, I knew it was time to make this delicious drink that is so popular! I opted to use honey or agave as my sweetener instead of sugar because its simply  better for you and I wanted to make a lighter simpler version than the average mint lemonade.…

  • Appetizers,  Side Dishes,  Vegan

    Mango Avocado Salsa

    Hi everyone! I have got a delicious recipe to share with you all today that I have made twice this week! So, you know it is good if we can’t get enough of it. I’m sure we have all had salsa before but have you ever enjoyed the sweet yet tangy mango avocado salsa? Its a perfect marriage of flavors and texture. The ripe mango provides a note of sweetness that the red onion and cilantro balances. The avocado adds creaminess in texture to make for a delicious bite! This salsa pairs amazingly with salmon and even better as a dip for chips. You cannot go wrong with this 5…

  • butternut squash hash
    Side Dishes,  Vegan

    Butternut Squash Hash

    Hi everyone! Hubby and I are back from our trip to California which was amazing! I will write a blog post entirely dedicated to our experience there, where we went to, the best food stops and more! Our trip to Cali has influenced me tons in the food realm; the west coast is known for its fresh and healthy way of eating. I was exposed to tons of delicious cuisines from all over the world. Today, I am sharing with you a hash recipe. I had hash for breakfast almost every day in Cali; the best I have had really. I am guessing it’s because of the quality of the…

  • quinoa stuffed peppers
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    Quinoa & Veggie Stuffed Peppers

    It wasn’t till recently that it dawned on me that I can stuff peppers with quinoa! I mean, I’ve always done it before with rice and quinoa is an alternative to rice so why not? Not only is quinoa a healthier source of fiber but it is delicious you guys! Even more flavorful when mixed with some seasoned veggies. I am so excited about introducing you to this dish because its so easy and so enjoyable. It is vegan friendly too! Plus, you will not feel guilty eating it what so ever. When serving, I topped these with some shrimp because we need a protein in this household for dinner…

  • mac n cheese
    Dairy Free,  Dinner,  Vegan

    Butternut Squash Mac N’ Cheese

    Who doesn’t love Mac N Cheese? I know I do! Thing is ever since being told I was lactose in tolerant; I find myself having to be extra creative to still eat what I have always enjoyed. Also, why not make things healthier if it still tastes good? The butternut squash in the recipe not only adds that nice rich color but a slightly sweet yet nutty flavor to the pasta. I literally have butternut squash in my fridge at all times now simply because it is absolutely delicious. It can be a substitute to potatoes in stews. It tastes amazing just roasted with some olive oil. It makes a…

  • oats
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    Overnight Oats

    I never used to eat breakfast; I just could never be bothered in the morning to actually make myself something. I think many of you can relate to this. I have the solution though! You must try making overnight oats. Not only is it a healthy and full of fiber but extremely easy to make while being super versatile. This is my favorite rendition of overnight oats. You can obviously enjoy it with whatever toppings you like! I also highly recommend having chia seeds and ground flax seeds in the pantry. There are a great source of nutrients, fiber, and good fats. Adding this to your breakfast will surely help…