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    Barazek (Sesame Seed Cookies)

    Walking down the bazaar (souk) in the Middle East, your eyes will light up with joy. There is just something about the marketplace and how lively it is. One of my favorite memories is stopping by a stand stacked with these thin, crisp, and slightly sweet sesame seed cookies with pistachios. I never was one to like sweets so I assumed that I wouldn’t like these cookies but it was love at first bite. The nuttiness of the pistachios and sesame seeds with the slight hint of sweetness was just perfect for me. I have been wanting to make these for so long but always hesitate thinking no way I…

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    Barazek Truffles (Sesame Balls)

    Hi all! Hope you are good 🙂 My hubby and I are flying to LA tomorrow for a mini vacay that is well needed! I wanted to share this quick and easy dessert/snack with you before I left. I had two trials with these before posting this recipe and my husband devoured almost all of them so I knew they were good enough to share with you all! So, if I had to choose what my favorite Middle Eastern cookie was it would be barazek. It is a delicious crisp sesame honey cookie that tastes absolutely amazing; it is quite addicting really. My parents would bring them back from overseas in these tins…