• no bake knafeh cheesecake
    Dessert,  Ramadan

    No bake Knafeh Cheesecake

    I have been thinking about recipe developing this cheesecake for a long time! I have had so much love with my Nescafe cake which requires no baking whatsoever that I decided to make another Middle Eastern dessert with a modern twist that requires no baking. Knafeh is a very popular dessert with many variations across the Middle East but the most popular would be the one with cheese which Nablus, Palestine is known for. I actually have that variation on my blog posts already. This is my take on an American cheesecake but using the shredded phyllo dough for the crust and topping. I hope you enjoy it! Servings: 8-12…

  • yogurt cheesecake

    Greek Yogurt Cheesecake

    Hey everyone! I hope you had a wonderful weekend. This one of the those recipes that I cannot wait to share for you all to try! It is one of my most favorite desserts that I have made thus far. Instead of making the traditional birthday cake for a few of my family members; I made them this delicious cheesecake! Guess what? It was a hit and you would never know that this is a lighter form of enjoying cheesecake by just tasting it. It tastes just as good as your typical cheesecake recipes if not better! Also, substituted coconut oil instead of butter in the crust which gives amazing…