• double chocolate chip cookies

    Double Chocolate Chip Cookies

    Where were these my whole life?! Double Chocolate makes everything better even being trapped in my house for the last few days from this brutal Chicago cold. I don’t know about you, but when its cold out; I have a tendency to bake. I was craving something rich, indulgent, and not so healthy. They were so good that I ate 2! If anyone knows me, that’s a big deal because I generally don’t eat much sweets. Plus, I told myself not to have more than half a piece but these were too addicting. You win some, you lose some! I hope you give these cookies a try. I know they…

  • chocolate chip tahini cookies

    Chocolate Chip Tahini Cookies

    Ever mix in Tahini (sesame seed paste) into your cookie batter? If not, you got to try it! It adds a slightly nutty flavor profile to the cookie but doesn’t┬ámask the flavor of all that chocolate goodness. Tahini is an amazing ingredient, it literally works so well in many recipes adding a nutty creamy flavor and texture. It is also vegan and dairy free making it an awesome substitute for other things. I made these cookies the other day for my sister in law’s birthday and they were a hit! Chocolate chip cookies are a comfort food/dessert in our house. I don’t make them often but every now and then…