• Mansaf
    Dinner,  Ramadan


    Okay, hands down this is one of my favorite traditional Middle Eastern rice dishes. Mansaf is a traditional Jordanian meal comprising of a layer of bedouin flatbread, rice, dried yogurt sauce, lamb, and toasted nuts and parsley. This is often served for big dinner parties in our culture since it is preferred by many and seen as a sign of generosity when offered to guests. Although it takes some time to make; it is very much worth it! If you are a visual learner, there is a tutorial on my Instagram too. Servings: 8-10 people Total Time: approx. 3 hours Meat Ingredients 5 lbs of Lamb Shoulder cut into medium…

  • kabseh
    Dinner,  Gluten Free

    Kabseh (Middle Eastern Rice Dish)

    This right here is one of my favorite Middle Eastern rice dishes. I love the taste of the aromatic spices that goes into it. It is also so simple to make. Yes, every person may have their own way of making it. This is my Mama’s way and we all love it. Since, I am here visiting, I will be sharing recipes from my my Mama throughout the week. Servings: 10 people Total Time: approx. 2 hours Ingredients Chicken preparation 2 whole chickens cut into 8 pieces cleaned 1 onion cut into 4 pieces 3 garlic cloves 2 dried limes 2 stick of cinnamon 3 bay leaves 6 pieces of…

  • makloubeh
    Dinner,  Gluten Free

    Makloubeh – Upside down Middle Eastern Rice Dish

    We all have childhood favorite meals; mine just happens to me Makloubeh specifically with eggplant and potatoes. It wasn’t until today making it with my mom did I realize how many steps it requires. It is all worth it though! This Middle Eastern rice dish known for flipping upside down and sometimes maintaining¬†its shape is a very popular traditional meal. Often we enjoy it with a fresh salad and some plain yogurt which balances the warm spices used in making this dish. To see how it was made; my mom and I went through the steps on Instagram. The video will be saved in my highlights. I hope you make…

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