• date walnut cookies

    Date Walnut Cookies

    I have so many dates leftover from Ramadan and I wanted to create a series based on this amazing fruit; dates. They are naturally sweet, high in fiber, and antioxidants, and overall very nutritious. One of the first recipes that I am sharing is these Date walnut cookies which I may say are heavenly. They are soft in the center, chewy, and have the perfect crunch from walnuts and sweetness from the dates. All of the flavors and textures go so well together! I really hope you try these super easy date walnut cookies. They are a great way to use up the dates in your pantry. You can substitute…

  • ghraybeh
    Dessert,  Ramadan

    Traditional Graybeh (Middle Eastern Shortbread Cookie)

    Let’s start off by saying that I absolutely love this cookie! Not just because its SO easy, but because it is SO delicious too. Who knew a 4 ingredient cookie can taste this good in no time? Ghraybeh is crisp on the outside and just melts in your mouth once you bite into it. The nuts on top give that little extra decoration and crunch. You can even make some with sprinkles for your kiddos. You can really have fun with these butter cookies. I even have a variation of Ghraybeh where I made them into thumbprint cookies; you need to check that out. It was my modern take on…

  • cranberry orange cookies

    Cranberry Orange Cookies

    I have always loved this time of year. The weather is crisp, people are cheerful, and I have an awesome excuse to bake all the time whether for co-workers, friends, or neighbors. These cranberry orange cookies are a go-to for me; they are sweet but tart and full of citrus flavor. They are so easy to make as well; just a few ingredients and 20 minutes of your time and you will have a delicious batch of cranberry orange cookies. I personally love using fresh ingredients rather than extracts and flavorings. Those always seem to have an after taste. So, instead of orange essence; I use fresh orange juice and…

  • double chocolate chip cookies

    Double Chocolate Chip Cookies

    Where were these my whole life?! Double Chocolate makes everything better even being trapped in my house for the last few days from this brutal Chicago cold. I don’t know about you, but when its cold out; I have a tendency to bake. I was craving something rich, indulgent, and not so healthy. They were so good that I ate 2! If anyone knows me, that’s a big deal because I generally don’t eat much sweets. Plus, I told myself not to have more than half a piece but these were too addicting. You win some, you lose some! I hope you give these cookies a try. I know they…

  • chocolate chip tahini cookies

    Chocolate Chip Tahini Cookies

    Ever mix in Tahini (sesame seed paste) into your cookie batter? If not, you got to try it! It adds a slightly nutty flavor profile to the cookie but doesn’t mask the flavor of all that chocolate goodness. Tahini is an amazing ingredient, it literally works so well in many recipes adding a nutty creamy flavor and texture. It is also vegan and dairy free making it an awesome substitute for other things. I made these cookies the other day for my sister in law’s birthday and they were a hit! Chocolate chip cookies are a comfort food/dessert in our house. I don’t make them often but every now and then…

  • ginger cookie

    Spiced Ginger Molasses Cookies – Soft & Chewy

    Why I love this time of year? I get to bake all the cookies I want and it is totally okay! What I do with all these cookies you may ask? I don’t eat them all. I promise. Rather, I make cookie platters for my neighbors and family. I mean it is the season of giving! Ever since working at a bakery, my all time favorite cookie especially during the holidays was gingerbread cookies. Something about all the warm spices just makes me happy and all cozy inside. This cookie recipe is very similar but not quite same. What’s even better about this recipe is the chewy soft texture and…